The NPPC2021 is a series of webinars hosted through GoToWebinar free of charge. To register for a session please click on one of the following sessions below (the link will open a new tab) and fill out the registration form. You will be sent an email confirmation after registration and a reminder email before the session will begin.

Session 1: May 17th 11:00-1:15 EST
“Opening Session”

Session 2: May 17th 2:30-4:30 EST
“Equipment and Placement Process”

Session 3: May 18th 11:00-1:15 EST
“Pavement Preservation Basics”

Session 4: May 18th 2:30-4:45 EST
“Asphalt Emulsions”

Session 5: May 19th 11:00-1:15 EST
“Concrete Pavement Preservation”

Session 6: May 19th 2:30-4:45 EST
“Pavement Recycling”

Session 7: May 20th 11:00-1:15 EST
“Preservation Related Research”

Session 8: May 20th 2:30-4:45 EST
“Training, Certification and Accreditation”

Session 9: May 21st 11:00-1:15 EST
“Local Agency Approaches”

National Center for Pavement Preservation