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Robert Betsold
Technical Manager
All States Materials Group
For more than 60 years, All States Materials Group has provided asphalt products and services throughout the Northeast.  Our integrated operations include liquid asphalt terminals, aggregate quarries, hot mix plants, and a complete range of asphalt paving and construction services from pavement preservation surface treatments to complete reclamation and reconstruction. Supported by our experienced and certified employees, we provide customers and agencies throughout the region with the latest in asphalt-based products and services to preserve and optimize their road networks.



Alessandra Crawford
Trade Show Manager
Crafco, Inc.
480-505-8029 ext. 8029
Crafco delivers confidence through innovation, quality, and value since 1976. Crafco is the world’s leading manufacturer in quantity and diversity of packaged pavement preservation products for asphalt and concrete such as hot-applied crack sealants, silicone joint sealants, hot-applied mastics, and cold-mix for pavement surface patching and repair. Crafco is the only company to manufacture these types of products and the equipment to apply them.

The Crafco pavement preservation products have proven through long- and short-term independent studies, to extend the service life of pavement, and can help extend the life of pavement surface treatments. Crafco also manufacturers silicone, geocomposites and other pavement preservation materials and equipment. Crafco is proud to manufacture products in the USA with many manufacturing locations nationwide.

Crafco also installs world-class running tracks and manufactures and installs premier sport court surfaces in northeastern United States.

Crafco produces, promotes, and supplies specialized preservation products to the pavement, roofing, waterproofing and athletic surfacing industries.

From asphalt and concrete pavements, to bridges, to airport runways, racetracks and canals, sport courts and running tracks; Crafco manufactures specialty products that seal, protect, repair, strengthen, preserve and extend the service life of infrastructure around the world.

Michael Robson
Asset Management Specialist
Business Development Manager Americas
With over 50 years of experience, Fugro is the world’s leading automated pavement condition survey provider and geo-data specialist; collecting and analyzing comprehensive information to help our clients operate their assets in a safe, sustainable, and efficient manner.
Lauren Tran
Pathway Services Inc.
Pathway Services Inc. has been a dedicated partner and leader to the pavement industry providing automated pavement condition analysis data collection equipment and services to state departments of transportation for over 25 years. The company’s legacy 3D pavement analysis system, and the newly released “3D-PAS” single laser, single camera 3D system provide state agencies the data required to observe and analyze pavement deterioration year over year with industry-leading accuracy and repeatability. In addition to a comprehensive analysis of the pavement condition of a statewide network, every pavement distress is plotted spatially so it is smoothly managed in all GIS environments for continual observation. Pathway Services also employs a South Dakota style inertial road profiler, meeting ASTM E950 standards, for calculating the ride quality of the pavement from the captured road profiles. These data sets provide state agencies with the information necessary for making critical decisions regarding the application of pavement preserving treatments and their performance over time, enhancing the safety and quality of the roads under their care. Pathway Services is dedicated to continually providing the most advanced technologies for pavement condition analysis, and all systems are 100% designed, engineered, manufactured and supported in the U.S.A.


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Jeffrey Ball
Executive Director of Marketing & Communications
Asphalt Materials, Inc.

Asphalt Materials is a proud member of The Heritage Group and brings 65 years of experience to the asphalt industry and road construction projects. Our teams of professionals are dedicated to creating longer-lasting, safer roads with quality, reliable asphalt materials.

We provide the finest asphalt materials within our customer’s budgets, specifications and time frame without sacrificing quality. We keep you up to date on the latest practices and materials, so you are receiving the best collaboration when it comes to your roads. To learn more about our asphalt materials products or to connect with one of our team members, you can visit our website,

Through our long history serving the asphalt industry, we understand that longitudinal joint cracking has long been a problem for not just engineers and applicators, but the communities they live in. Thanks to collaboration between state transportation agencies, industry experts at Asphalt Materials, Inc., and the leading-edge laboratories at Heritage Research Group, it’s easier than ever to preserve your investment. J-Band® is helping set the standard as a Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM) or Longitudinal Joint Sealant (LJS). But unlike other treatments, it significantly reduces air voids in longitudinal joints from the bottom up – literally. This not only extends the life of the joint but improves the performance of the entire pavement. J-Band® is a product of Asphalt Materials, Inc. and created in the labs of Heritage Research Group. To learn more about J-Band or to connect with one of our team members, you can visit our website,



Ron Arredondo
Marketing Manager
Main office: (785) 825-1375
“Bergkamp Inc. has been manufacturing pavement maintenance equipment for over 40 years. We work closely with contractors and government agencies throughout the world and find our greatest success making sure our customers have what they need to be successful.

We offer a full line of slurry seal and micro surfacing pavers including the only full-size continuous paver built in North America. Bergkamp pavers are equipped with our unique EMCADS Pro (Electronic Mix Control and Diagnostic System), which reduces calibration time, simplifies production adjustments, and offers remote troubleshooting.

Our MAxx Series of applicators apply premixed surface treatment materials, which reduce the complexities of standard pavement preservation processes by eliminating the headaches associated with calibrating equipment and managing material ratios.

Jack Witte
Corrective Asphalt Materials, LLC
Corrective Asphalt Materials (CAM) manufactures and applies Reclamite Maltene Base Rejuvenating Agent and CRF Maltene Based Restorative Seal.  Both Emulsions have been available for more than 50 years.  CRF and Reclamite use maltene replacement technology (MRT) as a means for rejuvenating asphalt binders.  Recently CAM has developed a way to utilize a specialized blend of CRF for rumble strip preservation.  CAM also applies Jointbond Longitudinal Joint Stabilizer and Coherex Dust Control.
Craig German
Director of Marketing
Deighton Associates Limited
Deighton Associates Limited (Deighton) provides asset management systems and asset management expertise at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels for agencies around the world. Recognized as the premier software product for infrastructure asset management, dTIMS® is used to manage large infrastructure networks in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and the United States. These infrastructure networks include hundreds of thousands of miles of pavements, thousands of bridges, and millions of wastewater, storm water, and fresh water distribution pipe assets.
Mark Ishee
Vice President Pavement and Specialty Products
Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.
Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc., (Ergon A&E) is considered the resource in the asphalt industry. As one of the largest asphalt marketers in North America, Ergon A&E not only markets liquid paving asphalts, but also manufactures and markets a wide variety of advanced asphalt products. Our e-Series line of pavement preservation and maintenance products protect and extend the service lives of roads for a number of years, reducing the need for costly repairs and stretching agency dollars. On the global front, Ergon A&E is the world’s leading manufacturer of packaged pavement preservation products and related road maintenance equipment. Ergon’s protective coatings division manufactures and distributes engineered surface protection systems for industrial infrastructure. For more information visit

Ergon A&E operates under the Asphalt & Emulsions segment of Ergon, Inc., a family-owned and operated company brought together more than six decades ago in the petroleum industry’s service sectors. Driven by the values of hard work, customer service, reliable supply and quality products, Ergon has grown steadily and strategically over the years to become a well-diversified global organization, employing approximately 3,200 people around the world.

Scott Nazar
FORTA is known for reducing cracking and rutting around the world with its original asphalt pavement reinforcement fiber, FORTA-FI®. This innovative fiber has been tested by today’s tough standards. Our fiber offers dramatic cost savings by significantly reducing asphalt thickness OR by extending asphalt life.  FORTA-FI is part of FORTA’s legacy of innovation that began with their first patent for an asphalt-reinforcing product. Our products have played an important role in improving the performance and durability of concrete and asphalt for many years, creating a history of “Reinforcing the Future – Worldwide”.

Dedicated to extending the life of pavements even further, FORTA introduced Surface-EXT™.  Surface-EXT is an alkali and acid resistant glass fiber specifically designed to extend the life of slurry seal and micro surfacing applications by improving pavement flexibility and long-term durability.  This treatment is extremely easy to use and has a specific gravity similar to that of the aggregate.  This allows it to disperse completely and evenly throughout the slurry mix.  The glass fiber can be used at any dosage, to suit any project need.

Chuck Ingram
Business Development Manager
Slurry Pavers, Inc.
Slurry Pavers, Inc. was founded in 1966 and has since been a leader in the Pavement Preservation Industry.  We have been offering environmentally friendly applications such as Slurry Seal and Micro Surfacing since way before “Going Green” was cool.  As a longtime member of the International Slurry Surfacing Association we are also applicators of the other two disciplines represented by ISSA…crack treatments and chip sealing.

Other divisions of our contracting division include Pavement Milling, Full Depth Reclamation, Soil Stabilization, Pavement Sealcoating and Striping.  With a fleet of milling equipment, we can self-perform work or act as a sub-contractor to our partners in the asphalt industry. Similarly, the FDR/Stabilization Division can operate on stand-alone contracts or partner with the construction trades on projects ranging from reclaiming secondary roads to stabilizing sub-bases for new roadways or big-box construction sites.

Our sister company Asphalt Emulsion Industries, LLC operates six emulsion plants as well as an asphalt terminal from which raw materials are shipped to the manufacturing facilities.  Strategically, this allows us to maintain strict quality control over our field operations.

Our two other wholly owned subsidiaries, Whitehurst Paving and Whitehurst Transport Company allow us to truly be the one stop shop for all things Pavement Preservation in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Ryland Potter
Director of Business Development
WDM USA is a leading provider of pavement condition equipment, survey services, and asset management solutions. WDM’s SCRIM® continuous friction vehicles combine high-resolution pavement friction measurement with GPS-linked texture, IRI, and geometrics to provide critical insight into friction’s role in road performance. When used in pavement friction management programs, SCRIM® technology helps transportation agencies identify the right treatment, at the right place, at the right time and deliver safer roads for all road users.

National Center for Pavement Preservation